Petite Plume approached us in late 2019 for a site overhaul and revamp. They had an in-demand thriving business, but customers still had a hard time navigating the site.
We worked with them on a strategic revamp to improve the overall UI & UX with the overall goals of improving the user flow, increasing the AOV, and increasing conversions. 


Custom Shopify
Custom Filters
Advanced Product Options
Upsell in Cart

- They regularly launched seasonal collections and there was a huge missed opportunity to offer the option to browse or sort products by collections or styles. We added advanced filtering on their collection pages so customers can sort by color/pattern, product type, and collection, making it easier for customers to find the exact products they’re looking for and checkout.

- They had amazing Press features, but they were extremely under utilized. We created a dedicated Press page (using a Shopify blog layout) to better showcase all of their huge brand features.

- Because they had so many press and celebrity features, we wanted to further stress this social proof. We added a custom designed and developed Celebrity feature section on their homepage to better showcase all of this social proof.

Key Problems & Our Solutions

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- They offered amazing custom monogramming options on the product pages, but the options were difficult to see and often had lots of customer service issues. We streamlined these options with custom swatches to make it more clear what each monogram style would look like and to help reduce customer service issues.

- They have amazing gift boxes that they offer, but they had no clear way to upsell these to customers. We added a custom upsell option on the cart page to better display the gift box option and increase their AOV.

"The site looks so good! Thank you for all your hard work and help!"

- Michelle