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You’re ready to invest in your business to take it to the next level and you know you need experts to help you get there. With over 5 years of first-hand, cross-platform e-commerce experience, we’re here as the experts to help you elevate. We’ll step up your brand and optimize your website so you can start increasing your conversions and grow your business.

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What We Do

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Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Product Packaging
Photography & Creative Direction


UI/UX Strategy
Shopify Design
Shopify Development
Amazon & Etsy Design

Web Design

Our services are a foundational part of helping you build your million dollar business. We know from first-hand experience how big of a role design plays in helping you convert eyeballs to actual dollars. With our expertise, we’ll help position you well in your industry so you stand out from your competition and grab the attention of your target audience. We understand the trust involved for us to not only ensure your website is beautiful, but that it’s built to convert and sustain.

Expert design services to help serious entrepreneurs scale to 7-figures and beyond.

Your ecommerce success story starts here

Empowered Ecommerce exists for the heart-led business owner. If you’re ready to revolutionize your brand and invest in something bigger, then you’re in the right place. 

“Top-notch, nothing like I’ve seen before.”


Scaling Confidently Outside of Amazon

“Stephanie delivered a really well done and professional website my brand. i enjoyed working with her and her team. The communication was top-notch, nothing like iv seen before. Stephanie and the team met all deadlines, and her skills were reasonably strong. Stephanie helped me find additional freelancers to support other work. I enjoyed working with Stephanie and will likely have additional jobs for her in the future. Thank you so much for everything you have done :)”

“The best out there.”


Feeling More Confident In Her Brand

"Absolutely amazing work always responsive and the best out there. Worth every Penny!! I highly recommend her she didn't take long at all and I didn't have to give to many details and she knew exactly how to capture what our brand is about."

“Best money I’ve spent in a long time!”


Got Clarity & Direction To Grow Well

This was the best money I have spent in a long time! I have a great concept, but it was lacking direction, and that is what Stephanie provided me. I’m so grateful

“They go above and beyond”


Reaching New Milestones

“The team goes above and beyond to try to answer every question you have and address any concerns. I always felt like my feedback and input was important. Plus they made helpful tutorials for me post-launch!”


Together, we’ll go through our signature branding process to create a well positioned and expertly-designed brand. Your new identity, paired with cohesive on-brand packaging, will give you the distinct edge you need to stand out.



– You don’t know how to position yourself to stand out from your competitors
–You’re tired of DIY options and you want a unique, professionally designed brand and packaging
–You want in-depth guidelines so you can maintain a cohesive look and feel at each and every touch point

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Web Design

Remember: Great Design Matters. Together, we’ll go through our strategic web design process in order to create a well positioned, expertly-designed website so you can capture attention and sales from first glance.



–You’re tired of DIY options and basic templates and you want a unique, custom website to meet your needs.
–You have an existing site that does “ok” and you’re ready to skyrocket your sales.
–You’re tired of trying to tweak your website yourself or with contractors and are ready to work with professionals to do all the heavy lifting for you.

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what we're all about

Well-rounded holistic and strategic services to help you scale well.

We strike a healthy balance between being holistic and heart-led, while also still incorporating hard data and strategy in our approach. We’re ecommerce entrepreneurs ourselves and know what it really takes to not only build businesses that are well-oiled machines, but to build brands that customers know and love.

Here's how we make it happen

Phase 01.

Before we start with any project, we do a deep dive into your business to better understand your needs and develop a plan to help achieve your goals. Through our initial sales calls, we’ll make sure we’re the best fit to help you on your project. After you’ve officially booked and it’s time to begin, we’ll take you through our signature process to develop the unique strategy and approach to your project.

Strategy & Discovery

Phase 02.

Once the strategy is established, we’ll create initial design concepts to present to you. We’ll revise and tweak the concepts until you’re happy with each design. Once everything is signed off on and ready to go, we’ll prepare everything you need to launch.

Time For Design

Phase 03.

Time to pop some champagne! In this phase we’ll prepare everything for you to get ready to launch. For web site projects, this is where we’ll install all of the designs, do any custom development that needs to be done, and make sure all your apps and features are working correctly. We’ll transfer ownership of the site over to you and provide you with all the instructions you need now and in the future. Then it’s time to go live and pop some champagne!

Installation & Launch

We specialize in bespoke, custom design and create custom quotes for all projects according to your needs.The cost of your investment depends on all sorts of variables, including: project complexity, number of pages, type & amount of apps, and the type & amount of custom development needed. 


We create a custom project timeline for each project outlining each step of our process so you always know where we’re at and how much longer your project will take. Typical timelines range from 1-3 months, depending on project complexity and size.


Have questions or feel ready to get started? Please fill out the client application below. If we think we’re a good fit for you and your business goals, we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to work with you?

– For branding projects, not much! You should already know your business name and your products should already be created or be in the process of being created.
For website projects, you should have branding completely done and ideally photography done before we start. 
– Branding should include: main logo design, 1 logo alternate (an alternate layout or color) and branding guidelines that outline how we should use your colors and fonts. If you do not have this, we can provide this service for an extra fee. If you do not have complete branding, we will not be able to create a website for you.
Photography should include: main e-commerce images for all products, lifestyle images for all products, and lifestyle images to use as banners and elsewhere on the site. 
– We understand that sometimes there are delays with product photography due to products still being in production. If you do not have product photos done, we ask that this is something you schedule ASAP once you start your project with us to ensure we can adhere to our project timeline.


How soon can we start?

We would love to start on all projects as soon as you book, however our availability varies depending on other projects that are already going on and the scope of your specific project. We recommend reaching out to us at least 1-3 months in advance of your ideal launch date in order to ensure we finish your project on time for you! Please mention any specific launch dates you have in mind on our client application form.


What platforms do you work with?

We specialize in Shopify! In general, we’ve found Shopify to be the best all around platform for e-commerce sites due to its functionality for managing orders, inventory, shipping, and so much more. If you’re project requires a lot of custom non-product pages (like informational pages, about pages, or a complex blog), we may recommend another platform or solution.


How much do projects typically cost?

– Every project is different, so we always do our best to scope out your entire project through our initial conversations and sales call. Once we have defined the scope of your project, we’ll send you a custom proposal for your project. We are always able to provide the most value through our fully bespoke solutions and do our best to give custom quotes that fully take care of our client’s needs. If you have any questions about your initial quote, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to tailor quotes to make sure they best fit your needs and where your business is at. 
– Once you book your project, we’ll do an initial Project Strategy Call with you where we’ll dive deep into your business and specific requests and needs for your project. Occasionally this uncovers additional features or requests that are outside the current scope of work. If this is the case, we’ll outline all additional costs and features after your kick-off call.
– We also find that client’s often get lots of ideas for new features or requests throughout a project. We’re happy to provide a quote for any additional features or requests at any point throughout your project.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We know how important it is in e-commerce to be conscious of your cashflow. We take an initial project deposit when you book your project to reserve your spot in our calendar. From there, we split all project payments up into smaller payments spread out along your estimated project timeline.


Can we cut costs by using a template?

– If only it were that simple! The term “Templates” should be used with Shopify very lightly. Shopify is unlike every other web design platform in that it’s not drag-and-drop and their templates are not very customizable. While you can create a simple site quickly and easily with just a template, it gets harder to use the second you want to change the look of the template, add apps, or truly customize it in any way.
– Most of our sites are built off of templates and then further customized to meet your needs. We find that templates offer a great starting point, especially when it comes to overall site architecture and built-in mobile responsiveness. But in most cases, we do a lot of customization to the Shopify template in order to create a well designed, unique-to-you website. With all custom quotes, we build in budget to accommodate all the custom development we need to create your truly bespoke site.
– We do offer template-only design solutions in some circumstances. We typically only recommend this option if your budget is extremely limited and/or if you don’t need many extra apps or features for your site. In general though, all templates need some level of customization to achieve what you want with out a bunch of extra apps slowing your site down. 


What happens if something breaks on my site after launch?

– We want to make sure you are fully supported from start to finish with your website project! Once we transfer your site to you, we offer 14 days of post-project support to make sure we are available to help with any further questions or the rare occasion when something breaks and needs fixing. 
– If you will be launching your website later than this 14 day window, we instead offer 7 days of post project support and 3 days of Launch Support. The 3 days of Launch Support covers you for one day before launch, the day of launch, and the day after launch.
– We provide resources and custom training materials to all of our clients to ensure a smooth handoff when we finish your site. We encourage all clients to go through all of our resources within the post-project support time period to fully maximize the time you have available to us. 
– Post-project support only covers changes or fixes within the current scope of work. If you have additional requests, changes, or something that breaks after your post-project support, we can provide additional support at either a fixed quote or our current hourly rate.


Do you provide training for my website?

Yes! We provide custom training videos for every project to go over unique aspects of your website. We do our best to fully equip you with everything you need to be able to manage your website well.


Do you offer any lower-cost options?

Yes! We offer various consulting services to get you started, including Website Audits and general consulting calls.


What is included in my quote?

– We create custom quotes for all clients to make sure we can best take care of your needs and best help you reach your goals. We will determine exactly what is included in your project through our initial conversations and calls to make sure everything is accounted for. Your quote will cover an agreed upon amount of specific features, apps, products, pages, and custom development time needed to complete your project.
– We know that the branding and web design processes are very creative and that many ideas are sparked once you start to see your new brand and website come together. Because we create custom quotes tailored to your needs at the start, any additional feature requests, apps, products, pages, or custom development outside the original agreed upon scope of work will be quoted for separately.