Molly reached out to us wanting to fully take her brand to the next level. She had a small Squarespace site that she built herself to sell her handcrafted prints and artwork, but she realized that in order to grow the business the way she wanted to, she would need professional branding and design to really establish her brand. We worked with Molly to fully update her entire brand and website to establish a more professional and unique identity for her business.


Custom Shopify

- She didn’t really have a full brand identity and guidelines to help keep her design and branding consistent. We fully updated her logo and brand identity and created guidelines so that everything feels onbrand, no matter what she’s doing.

- The previous website was outdated and hard to manage and maintain. We created a fully updated site design and moved her over to Shopify to make it easier for her to manage the day to day aspects of running the business.

Key Problems & Our Solutions

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- The previous website difficult for customers to use when they wanted to select custom options for their products. We created custom options on each product page so customers can more easily customize their product. This also cleaned up Molly’s workflow and decreased customer service inquiries.

- We knew that the customization options on products was a big selling point, so we also created an option for customers to create a fully bespoke product. This also decreased customer service inquiries and created a new and unique offering for customers.