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Ancient Neon helps you light up your space in style.

We’re so excited to share our latest work for Ancient Neon that recently went live! Ancient Neon came to us looking to really stand out from other neon sign brands on Amazon.

What sets Ancient Neon apart is their more modern style. Most of other neon sign brands have a dark style, but Ancient Neon wanted to stand out and appeal to more of a wider audience.

We helped crafted a unique brand identity and Amazon design updates for Ancient Neon with more of this modern style to help set them apart.

Project Highlights

  • Brand Strategy & Brand Identity – We crafted a strategic brand identity to help better position them to stand out on Amazon.
  • Amazon Listing Images, A+ Content, and Storefront Design – We updated all of their visuals on Amazon to incorporate their updated branding and better display their unique product benefits and features.

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