Chantelle from Miss Jacob's Little Learners reached out to us wanting to do a full refresh for her site. Her site was on Wordpress and had started to get cluttered, messy, and hard to manage as her business grew. We worked with Chantelle to bring her site completely over to Shopify with an updated design and better fulfillment for her digital products.


Custom Shopify
Wordpress migration

- The site had very messy navigation and structure making it hard to find the products you were looking for, especially with hundreds of products. We updated her navigation and filtering to make it easier for customers to browse and find products.

- The fulfillment of her products relied on automations to send a link to access the files. The previous set up on Wordpress broke regularly causing confusion for customers and headaches for the MJLL team. We updated the fulfillment of her digital products to use an easier system and app on Shopify to make this process seamless.

Key Problems & Our Solutions

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- The Wordpress website had a lot blog posts that generated lots of traffic to the store. While this wasn't a problem, we were able to keep all of the blog posts and preserve their links and rank by using a URL redirect management tool. We migrated all blog posts over to Shopify so she could manage everything on her site in one place.

- It was often difficult for customers to checkout and see their purchases on the old site. Shopify makes checkout easy, simple, and seamless with many different payment options. This enabled her customers to easily purchase from anywhere in the world.

"I hired Stephanie to assist with the migration of my website from Wordpress to Shopify which included a branding refresh and new website design. Stephanie and her team were AH-MAZING to work with. Professional, organized and very experienced. I am absolutely thrilled with my new website and the service that was provided by EE and would highly recommend them to others who are looking at doing the same thing. "

- chantelle, mJLL Founder