We partnered Trade Craft to create a fully refreshed site for Kelly Wade Jewelers and get them moved over from Wordpress to Shopify.


Custom Shopify

- The previous site on Wordpress was bulky and hard to manage. By moving them over to Shopify, we were able to decrease their site load time and make their day-to-day management easier.

- We proposed a handful of changes to the Kelly Wade team to improve the overall user experience and flow. Because they had a large inventory of products with lots of different options, we added more custom filters to the side bar to make it easier for customers to filter and sort through products to find what they want.

Key Problems & Our Solutions

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- We also did a slight refresh to the Kelly Wade brand identity to help them better stand out as a luxury retailer and reflected these design changes across the site.

- We noticed that the price point of most of their products was high, but that they had a fairly broad target audience. We suggested to the team to use Affirm to provide more affordable payment options for the lower end of the target audience and to help increase their conversions.

"Stephanie was great to work with throughout the website development process. She answered all questions and was so helpful."

- emily