Jungalow approached us looking for a full site overall and revamp. Their current site was somewhat limited in terms of functionality and they want to infuse more of their unique style into their website experience for customers.

We worked with them on a strategic revamp to not only infuse more of their style and story in with the site, but to also improve their CVR and AOV.


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- While they had some of their branding throughout their site, it still didn't quite feel like it was fully representing their style as well as it could. We infused the site design with more of their unique graphic designs and artwork to help their website truly feel like home for their brand.

- They had a lot of the basic features and functionality covered for their site, but they wanted to really take it to the next level. We helped update their UI/UX to be a bit more strategic and custom with unique page layouts.

- They found their previous site difficult to use whenever they wanted to make small updates or design changes. We built custom sections and functionality into their theme so they can more easily change sections out or add things in as they need for easier long-term maintenance.

Key Problems & Our Solutions

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- While they had a lot of information on the site, it felt like the site wasn't quite sharing the story about products or collections as well as it could. We added in more space to share relevant info about the story related to products and collections on pages and incorporated more unique icons, graphics, and illustrations to better share important points.

- The product pages had basic information covered, but didn't feel like it displayed the products as well as they could. We redesigned the product pages to have larger images and better share important product information through unique graphics and illustrations.

- The site was very user-friendly, but wasn't fully ADA accessible. We did color testing to tweak their existing color palette to find the best color pairings and to ensure the website was more accessible.

"Thank you so so much! You all have been nothing short of AMAZING! Just stellar. Thank you!

- Jungalow team