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Clean and Bright Shopify Website for Kids Learning Activities

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Sandbox Academy helps make preschool learning easy for moms and engaging for kids.

We’re so excited to share our latest work for @sandboxacademy that went live recently! 🎉 Emily from Sandbox Academy came to us with a vision to have an upleveled website design by combining her WordPress site with her simple Shopify storefront all in one place.

What sets The Sandbox Academy apart are their unique products that make at home learning simple for moms. All of her products require minimal supplies to provide easy and affordable at home learning options.

We helped migrate Emily over from WordPress to Shopify to simplify her website maintenance by keeping everything all in one place. We also created custom product pages for each of her products to better highlight each of their unique benefits and features.

Project Highlights

  • WordPress Migration – Migrated content and blog posts over from WordPress to Shopify.
  • Storytelling Focused Design – Better sharing and showcases what makes Sandbox Academy and their products unique.
  • Long-form Product Pages – Design tailored to each product to better highlight their unique features and benefits.
  • Branding Focused Design – We created cute graphic accents and icons to incorporate more of her brand identity and personality across the website

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