AVA The Brand approached us looking for help creating a unique, memorable brand and website design. They had manufacturing capabilities and had been creating products for years, but their online presence felt disjointed and didn't stand out from the sea of other fashion brands. 

We worked with them on a strategic revamp to their brand and website to help them stand out in their industry and increase sales.


Custom Shopify

- They have a lot of competitors that have similar products, so they needed a brand and a style that was unique to them to set them apart from their competitors. We crafted a unique, strategic brand identity to help them stand out in their market.

- They didn't have branding guidelines so their aesthetic and style felt disjointed. We created branding guidelines as part of the brand identity to help them understand how to use their fonts, colors, and brand assets effectively and consistently.

Key Problems & Our Solutions

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- They had lots of photos of their products, but they didn't have a cohesive style for the photo editing, so their online presence and social media felt disjointed. We gave them creative direction for their photography so they could be sure their photos for social media, marketing, and on their website lined up with their overall branding.

- They had a basic website on Wix and needed a much more professional website that was also easy for them to use. We migrated them over to Shopify and set them up with a custom designed website based on a premium Shopify theme. This way it still looked custom and unique but is still easy for them to manage simple website updates.

"Thank you to each and every one of you for making our dream website and re-brand come true!"

- Aina, AVa the brand founder