Maryam from Paloma Beauty approached us needing help consolidating two sites that she had up for her salon. She wanted to combine the static site that was up just to promote the salon with their ecommerce site where they were selling beauty products online to provide a more on-brand and seamless customer experience. We worked with Marayam to move all of the content from her salon’s Wordpress site over to Shopify and gave it a huge facelift to match the salon’s branding and aesthetic.


Custom Shopify
Wordpress Migration

- They had two separate sites for the in-person salon and their products and the user experience for customers wasn’t great. We moved all of the content from their static Wordpress site over to Shopify to centralize everything a provide a more seamless experience for customers.

- Both site’s design were old and inconsistent with their salon’s branding. We created a whole new site layout and design inline with their branding to keep the same feeling they have instore for customers online.

Key Problems & Our Solutions

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- The old ecommerce site had a basic template and we wanted to improve on what they had functionality-wise. Since they’re a retailer, they have lots of products for customers to browse through. We added the ability for customers to add to cart directly from the collection page as they’re browsing to help increase their conversion rate.