Renee from Hana Tonic approached us needed a site refresh to help her grow the business outside of Amazon. She wanted to improve the overall user experience and update the design to better represent the business. We worked with Renee to create a fully redesigned Shopify site with a killer new design and more intuitive user experience.


custom shopify

- It took too many clicks to get to the product page where people could check out. Since they had a small product catalog, we removed the need for multiple collection pages and added the main product page to the main navigation to make it easier for customers to buy.

- The overall site design was outdated and needed a refresh. With basic branding guidelines already in place, we fully updated the site design with new illustrations and graphics to really bring their branding and site to life.

Key Problems & Our Solutions

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- We realized there was a ton of opportunity to really call out the product’s USPs in a way that wasn’t currently being done on their existing site. We identified their main target audiences and created sections across the site to highlight unique selling points that appeal to each target audience group.

- They were selling subscriptions using a different platform, which made the checkout flow and overall user experience choppy and disjointed. We setup a new subscription option for them that lived in the same checkout flow to not interrupt the checkout flow and help increase conversions.

"All in all, I loved working with Empowered Ecommerce and highly recommend them as a professional talented group!"

- renee